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2014 WDC Luna Park Ballroom Championships

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Updated - Thursday, 31 July 2014

23 July

2014 ADS Southern Cross

Another great event have not missed a Southern Cross event ever and this one was up there with the best loved the lighting this year and the couples were fantastic well done to Adam and Susan.    Click Here


2014 Tots to Teens

Fantastic day great new venue and ran really well another top event especially the under 6 years girls so cute.  Click Here


2014 Monash

What a great little comp and venue well done to the organizers for keeping this one running smoothly all day.  Click Here


2014 NCDC Championships

What a great event this championship is from there lectures through to Saturday and Sundays events class all the way.  Click Here


2014 Blackpool Dance Festival

The 89th Blackpool festival and it did not disappoint with some of the best dancing ever our Australian couples did us proud amongst some of the best couples in the world if you have never been get there you wont be disappointed.  Click Here


2014 Victorian Open Championships

What a great event to start back at after Blackpool great Numbers in attendance well done and a great venue.  Click Here


2014 ADS Victorian Championships

Another great event all ways a great venue and standard of competitors was excellent .  Click Here


2014 Dance 101 Medal Night

What a great night and some fantastic dancing the studio looked great and thank you for having me.  Click Here


2014 Qld Jupiters National Championships

This National title was simply fantastic the venue once again was lit to perfection by Ross Blake and the dancing was fantastic a Must go to event for any couple.  Click Here


2014 Crown International

Another great event by Don and his team great to see so many recreational dancers as well as registered couples.  Click Here


2014 Ballarat

This Comp is one of my favourites have never missed it yet and this was great to see our first lot of recreational competitors and what a great job they all did.  Click Here


2014 Lets Get Started

What a great way to start the year in Victoria with this comp at a new venue great floor and atmosphere.  Click Here


2013 Australian Dancesport Championships        The 68th Championships was a great from start to finish the couples the glitz and glamour and to top it of we were able to see two of the best Latin dancers in the world Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis .Click Here


2013 Aussies Media Launch

What a great day and a great launch.  Click Here


2013 East Coast Classic

This comp turned out to be fantastic with a change of date and venue I was worried but after the first day there was nothing to worry about an electric atmosphere on Saturday for the registered events and backed up fantastical by the Pro/Am events on Sunday great job by all involved.  Click Here


2013 Strictly Masters

What a great event for our masters had a ball at the comp a big thanks to Jennifer Blum and her team hope to see it bigger and better next year.  Click Here


2013 Diamond Jubilee

A really lovely venue for this event plenty of great dancing in all style and all levels well done to Don and the team .  Click Here


2013 South Pacific's

Fantastic to see this event back on the calendar we have a new venue 2 rooms over both days and I must say I was really impressed this will only get better with time mark it down in you diaries for next year it will be even better .  Click Here


2013 ADS Premiere

One of our industry long time events great venue and really well run with some great dancing by our top couples.  Click Here


2013 Geelong Classic

Great event and very well supported by the local community plenty of top dancing as well as a great floor show   Click Here


2013 WDC Luna Park

Fantastic this just keeps getting better not only did it sell out they had to add more seats well done Grant and Mary  Click Here


2013 DMA 50th Anniversary

Great to see this event reach a mile stone like this well done and yes we were testing a new camera on the day.  Click Here


2013 ADS Southern Cross

What a great day and night plenty of great dancing by some of our top couples plus pro am events .  Click Here


2013 Tots to Teens

This is a great event for kids so much fun and pack to the rafters with mums and dads and ran well.  Click Here


2013 National Capital Dancesport Championships

Wow new look for this event and well done ran very smoothly and an early finish each night and the floor show was great well done FATD  Click Here


2013 Vic Open

New venue for this comp and I must say it worked a treat really great event and sold out within  2 hours of doors opening cant ask for better than that  Click Here


2013 Blackpool Dance Festival

One of the greatest events on any dance calendar for any dancer and this year was fantastic 88 years of running this event and they still get better thank you for having me as one of the official photographers   Click Here


2013 ADS Victorian Championships

By far the best Comp of the year great venue ran like clock work and stayed on time a big thank you to the organizing committee you did a great job. Click Here


2013 Crown International

This comp covers everything from Jazz and hip hop to Ballroom and pro/Am events. Click Here


2013 Easter Spectacular

Fantastic to be back in Adelaide its be to long and what a great weekend of dance they put on. Click Here


2013 Ballarat Festival

What a great event this comp is every year it gets better and better thanks to a great organizing team for a top day. Click Here


2013 Waverly Festival

A Nice way to start of the year and a good amount of medallist at this event well done. Click Here


2013 Australian Same Sex Championships

What a fantastic event to start the year off great venue really well run with great food and drink two of the funniest compares that kept the show and the public entertained all day and night well done.       Click Here


2012 Australian and WDSF world championships

Another fantastic year is coming to and end and with a world championship on the line no less lets all get behind our Australian reps and help support them over this weekend of dance.  Click Here


2012 Williamston Championships

The end of a fantastic career by a great comp organizer I hope who ever takes over this great event can mach the standard sent by Bert Lamb congratulation on your years of service to the dance industry.  Click Here


2012 Diamond Jubilee Championships

This is the first time I have been to a comp at this venue and was very impressed well done to the organising committee job well done.   Click Here


2012 Premier Championships

All ways a great event for the year and this was true again with some top class couples in the open events. Click Here


2012 WDC Luna Park Championships

For a first time event this really was a fantastic effort the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming the junior and juvenile even got free ride passes great size floor and a full house. Click Here


2012 Shepparton

Another fantastic regional event well run from start to finish by Max and Jean Baker and there team great local support and dancers from around Australia well done. Click Here


2012 DMA Championships

What a great comp at the Ivanhoe centre great support from the lower grades and in the pro am events. Click Here


2012 ADS Southern Cross Championships

Fantastic is the best way to describe this event very well run from start to finish and what great fields throughout the day. Click Here





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2014 ADS Southern Cross

2014 Tots to Teens

2014 Monash

2014 NCDC


2014 Victorian Open

2014 ADS Victorian

2014 Dance 101 Medal Night

2014 Qld Jupiters National

2014 Crown International

2014 Ballarat

2014 Lets Get Started


2013 Australian Dancesport   Championship

2013 East Coast Classic

2013 Strictly Masters

2013 Diamond Jubilee

2013 South Pacific's

2013 ADS Premiere

2013 Geelong Classic

2013 WDC Luna Park

2013 D.M.A

2013 Southern Cross

2013 Tots to Teens

2013 NCDC Championship

2013 Vic Open

2013 Blackpool

2013 ADS Victorians

2013 Crown International

2013 Easter Spectacular

2013 Ballarat

2013 Waverly Festival

2013 SameSex Champs


2012 Australain an WDSF Worlds Standard

2012 Williamstown

2012 Diamond Jubilee

2012 Premier

2012 WDC Luna Park

2012 Shepparton

2012 DMA Championships

2012 Southern Cross

2012 Tots to Teens

2012 Monash

2012 NCDC

2012 Victorian Open

2012 Blackpool

2012 Victorians

2012 Crown International

2012 QLD Open National

2012 Ballarat


2011 Australians and Asia     Pacific Championships

2011 Williamstown

2011 East Coast Classic

2011 South Pacifics

2011 Premiere

2011 Shepparton

2011 U-Can Dance Medal

2011 Tassie Open

2011 Southern Cross

2011 Tots To Teens

2011 NCDC

2011 Blackpool

2011 Victorian open

2011 Geelong Classic

2011 Qld Open

2011 Crown International

2011 Ballarat


2010 Australians

2010 Williamstown

2010 East Coast Classic

2010 South Pacific

2010 Premiere

2010 Dance-O-Rama

2010 Shepparton

2010 Southern Cross

2010 Tots to Teens

2010 NCDC

2010 Blackpool

2010 Vic Open

2010 Geelong Classic

2010 Victorians

2010 Crown International

2010 QLD Open

2010 Ballarat Festival


2009 Australians

2009 Williamstown

2009 ADS Medalist Ritz

2009 South Pacific

2009 Premiere

2009 Shepparton

2009 NZ Nationals

2009 Southern Cross

2009 NCDC

2009 Victorian Open

2009 Blackpool

2009 Victorian Champ

2009 NSW Open

2009 Crown International

2009 QLD Open Champ

2009 ADS Ballarat Festival

2009 ADS Medallist

2009 Lets Get Started


2008 Aussie Extras

2008 IDSF World Latin and IDSF Masters Standard

2008 Australians Sunday

2008 Australians Saturday

2008 Aust Dinner Dance

2008 Australians Thurs

2008 Australians Wed

2008 Australians Launch

2008 Williamstown Festival

2008 East Coast Classic

2008 ADS Medalist Ritz

2008 South Pacific

2008 Star Championship

2008 Premiere

2008 Shepparton

2008 NZ Nationals

2008 MegaStars

2008 Southern Cross

2008 Monash Dance Fest.

2008 NCDC

2008 Vic Open

2008 Blackpool

2008 NSW Open

2008 Victorians       

2008 Dance O Rama

2008 Crown International

2008 Ballarat Festival

2008 Qld Open

2008 ADS Medalist

2008 Outgames Champ


2007 Australian Champ

2007 Williamstown            

2007 Singapore Int

2007 ADS Medalist

2007 Dance-O-Rama

2007 South Pacific

2007 Premiere Champ

2007 Shepparton  Comp

2007 MegaStars

2007 NZ Nationals

2007 NCDC

2007 Vic Open

2007 Blackpool Festival

2007 NSW Open

2007 ADS Vic Champ

2007 Qld Open

2007 Crown Int. Champ.

2007 Ballarat Competition

2007 Same Sex Champ

2007 UK Open Champ


2006 Aust Championships

2006 International

2006 South Pacifics

2006 ADS Premiere

2006 ADS Shepparton

2006 MegaStars

2006 Southern Cross

2006  NZ Champ

2006 Tots to Teens

2006 NCDC 

2006 Vic Open

2006 Blackpool Festival

2006 ADS Vic Champ

2006 NSW Open

2006 Crown Champ

2006 Queensland Open

2006 Ballarat Festival


2005 Australian Champ

2005 Blackpool Festival

2005 NCDC

2005 South Pacs


2003 Southern Cross

2003 NCDC

2003 Souths Pacifics

2002 Australians